it's always fun to get something in the mail right? well we like being a part of the excitement so kelly and i will be posting pics of what will be in this special giveaway package!!!

1. bueno bueno shades- so you protect those pretty eyes of yours in the sun and you can prevent wrinkles by not squinting... i love these shades! i will be wearing some to float the river this weekend!
2. bueno bueno mix tape- not gonna brag but i kinda make the best mix tapes ever! you just gotta tell me if you want it to be chill or FUN FUN get up and dance!

3. bueno bueno armband. I made it myself with mucho mucho love just for you.
4. bueno bueno vintage layered tee necklace- easy to make and super cute addition to your outfit.
it will not be this exact one but i will surprise you with a super special one made just for YOU!
Good luck!

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all you have to do:

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2. leave us a comment telling us your favorite vacation spot and your email address so we can contact you if you win.
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photo by: chloe nettles