what do you think about love?

these were for our 2 year (wedding) anniversary. my friend marc from click. wind. repeat. took these the same day as my moms birthday shoot...


i love these photos because in each one it captures how we have felt throughout the years. i don't have a photo for every stage but i feel like i'm sharing the important ones.

1. shows the giddy side, laughter and no stress. the "you're cute" "we're so much alike!" "we'll never disagree" "i love you i love you i love you" "where have you been my whole life?"
2. shows how reality sets in "OMG who are you! what have you done to my husband/wife?"
"i didn't sign up for this" "what was i thinking?" "ugh" "whats wrong?" "nothing."
3. shows peace in knowing no matter what, we are a team and we love eachother.

i am no expert on love
love takes work
giving is key
jacob and i are not perfect
we have are ups and downs
we are best friends
sometimes i am mean
sometimes he is late
sometimes we forget about things that the other has going on
we are in this forever. no bail outs.

today we rode bikes together, ate some cantaloupe, worked in the garden, and now i'm thinking we should see a movie. just us. these days are rare because we always have something planned...weddings, showers, shows, parties, and we love being with our friends. we even spent our honeymoon with friends...thats how much we love people:)

1. do you have once a week date night?
2. what do you like to do on date nights?