youngest hairstylist in all the land.

i really love tuesdays and saturdays bc of this little bundle of joy. when he comes over, the house just fills up with sunshine!
the things ryder picks up on so far is rhythm and hair. he will stop whatever he is doing if he hears a good song, he will dance and  bop his head to the beat! if we are not outside he is inside playing with our guitars and piano. i think he is def a musician....or beautician! jk i just said beautician bc it rhymed. he does love to brush my hair though...

i was wondering why he was blowing my hair, but sometimes i blow on a curl to cool off. he was also blowing on a white feather earlier???
its ok, i dont care how he brushes my hair.
"look jacob i can tease her hair better!"
lil ryder
i love his face in this deep in concentration. such a garcia trait. we all make this face while writing, drawing, or working on something. Ha

oh and i don't know if you follow our tweets but my sister (kelly) @iheartbueno who i miss very much is wanting to move to nashville now. boo. and i @sunchildsalon told her if she moves she is dead to me!
how could she want to be further away from us:(