on june 29th  a beautiful baby girl was born. i was 6 going on 7 and i was mean to her most of the time, probably because i was jealous. anyway..she carried big bags around everywhere. the family called her the bag lady. i called her biscuits, i will not tell you why i called her this because she will kill me. but sometimes i still call her that just to get her blood boiling. anyway she was the cutest little thing, i didn't appreciate her until much later. sorry kelly.
love you mucho mucho and i am so glad your my sister, look at it this way we have so many stories to tell about our childhood! shocking stories:) don't tell my future kids anything about it!

i dedicate this song to my sister kelly because its her birthday!
and because in seperate conversations my brother 
and i both told her the same thing.

incase you didn't click the link on the top. Happy Birthday little sister!!! i love you!!!

P.S. nobody likes you when your 23.