Rodney Parker

Alan came in town last Wednesday with his buddy Daniel Markham for one night only, so we went to a show at The Granada (duh). 

We saw Rodney Parker & Fifty Peso Reward and they were usual. I can't tell you have many fun nights in Lubbock I have had because of these guys.

(Daniel and Chris)
Rodney is always good for dancing and spazing out! I wish I always had Alan, Christina and Daniel around. Just look at these cuties...who wouldn't want to surround themselves with wonderfulness. 

Five more days until I get to see this boy again! 

p.s. I have an announcement and a question

Announcement: I have been making Bueno Bueno Feather Headbands like a champ for the past couple of months. Lots of braiding and twisting and all sorts of fun stuff... This headband is for a Mr. Cory Branan

Question: One of my oldest friends is marrying her high school sweetheart in a couple of weeks and I went dress shopping today. I got one for the actual wedding, but I still need to get one for the rehearsal dinner. I fell in love with this one...

I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this dress and it's on sale for $80 so I put it on hold for a day to think it over. Ladies, what do you think? Should I get it? I have until I leave work tomorrow (Monday) to decide. eeep!