Fun Stuff

Other than the shows I recommended previously, here are a few more events to participate in!
 SAN DIEGO- (06.12)
for details click here. 
the show is free but next door is $10 dollars for a concert.
buy tickets here.

At the end of the month, John Culqui (those are his beautiful paintings below) will be painting at the Aquarium of the Pacific event, "Night Dive." It will be an evening filled with local (Long Beach) art, music, culture and cocktails. If you go, you might be the lucky winner of an original John Culqui painting. As if all that wasn't enough already, there's one more cake valet. Awesome.
If you want to find out more CLICK HERE. I would definitely go to this if I was on that side of the US.  Check out more of John's work here  and don't stop after looking at his surf & skate, be sure to check out the traffic signal box art. SO RAD!

TEXAS (06.18)
If you live in Houston and love to create stuff/craft, keep reading! Roxy from Grrfeisty and Sarah from Sew Crafty have put together an Etsy Craft Party for JUNE 18TH. Sarah is the official host and lives in the Heights (I've been told she is totally rad). If you are unsure about her radness click here to see the first craft studio/sewing lounge in Houston, Sew Crafty! To get more information CLICK HERE! Again this is something I can not do because I will be in Dallas, TX, but if you are involved in creating of some sort, get out of your house and learn/share with other creative people. It's fun.

Next time i'm in Houston, I need to stop by the studio to say hello and possibly play :)

If you live anywhere near those two events, you have no reason to be bored or unproductive.