my talented friend RYAN BOOTH.

Hey there! Please take some time to read this and vote if you have the time:) My friend ryan is one of the guys I worked with on the coconut records music video contest. and we WON remember! wooooo! 

here is a letter from the talented mr ryan booth:

I wanted to take a moment to fill you all in about a film I just shot...

I entered a short film contest called Beyond the Still. It is (what has turned into) the largest collaborative filmmaking experiment/event to date. Essentially the contest is this: A still image was taken by pulitzer prize winning photographer Vincent Laforet, then the still was expanded into a 4 minute short film that then ended on a different still image. This still image kicked off the contest as the starting point for entrants. You download and use his final image as the opening image in your film. You then expand it into a 3-4 minute short film that has to end on a still image and then upload the result. Big time judges (DP from 24, DP from Titanic, Producers of Star Wars, DP from Terminator) select the five best films from the chapter and then present them for popular vote. The film with the most votes wins the chapter. Then their ending still becomes the beginning still of the next chapter. The entire contest will run for 8 total chapters. The first chapter was Vincent's film, the second - sixth chapter are user submitted, and the final chapter is a collaboration between the judges and each of the 6 chapter winners. In other words, if you win the chapter, they fly you to Hollywood to collaborate with the judges(!), Vince, and others to shoot a final, unifying short... Not too shabby. In addition, this contest just won an award at the Cannes festival for advertising. Two awards in fact, including the Golden Lion (like an Academy Award). All that means is that the finale just turned into a pretty big deal. Nice sized budget, professional actors, great press. The resulting "film" (all 8 chapters) will be sewn together and submitted to Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, and even for consideration at the Academy Awards.

All that to say, my short film (my first narrative effort) was selected by the judges as a finalist for Chapter 5. It is up for consideration (popular vote) as the CH5 winner. Bascially, I am within a day (voting closes tomorrow night) of potentially getting to collaborate on a film headed to Sundance! I am scrounging for as many votes as possible at this point and trying to just get my film in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

I am hooked on narrative filmmaking. I can't tell you how much joy I derived from the process, from collaborating, from writing and creating something to fit within a story arc. I know that this will be a big part of what I do in the future. 

My entire goal was finishing! To be in the top 5 has been incredibly validating. My film even beat out one starring Tom Sizemore that was shot with a $10,000 budget... (mine cost less than $100!)

Some links:     (information about the contest and the win at Cannes)    (direct link to my film)
If you personally wanted to vote for my film, that'd be awesome, but no pressure just wanted pass along the information. If you feel doubly comfortable, I'd appreciate you passing the link on! It is a very interesting concept for a contest and we'll all be hearing about it for a while. 

Hope all is well!



Ryan Booth | the SerialBox
Visual Media Production