road trip expenses and photos from my phone.

before i go into the roadtrip i want to say thank you to my lil sister kelly for coming in this past weekend to hang out and help me pack before my month long vacation. she didn't even get to work on her portfolio while i was with her. so sorry kel. we also house/dog sitted for my parents, they were both out of town for different reasons. at least she got to see ryder 3 times this weekend which totally makes up for everything right? right. i also want to thank her times a million trillion for my leather goodies for my trip. i'll post my fossil goods later:) love you sister. isn't she adorable!?
ok now for the break down of the road trip
4:34am-start time
toll cost- $1.50
buccees- $4.81 2 coffee's, ice, beef stick and restroom break. if you didn't know buccees is awesome and has the best restrooms!
8:00am boerne gas station-restroom break.
9:19am country junction (valero)-$34.99 gas/restroom/water
12:15pm random station restroom break-
1:40pm van horn-$29.20-gas/restroom break
1:44pm wendy's-$13.35 2 spicy chicken sandwhich/2 diet cokes.
3:15pm-love's in elpaso-restroom break
5:10pm-shell -new mexico-$24.88 redbull, fuse, sunflower seeds/restroom/ gas
8:30pm-arizona-in and out $12- animal style cheeseburger meals
9:51pm-pilot-gas and restroom break $25.00
1:02am-elcajon california-chevron $21.00 gas/restroom
1:35am-made it to carlsbad california. got to crash at kylle and haleys:)
gas total- $127.38
snack total- $37.86
*we also ate 4 bags of corn nuts from my parents house and a handful of dove's dark chocolates.

one of the above photo's i call nipple mountain bc looks like one.
the bottom photo is mix cd's that my friend natalie made me:)
last photo is jacob admiring kylle's garden! it grew so fast!!!woah
i hope this was informative, i wanted to let y'all know how much it cost to take a road trip from sugarland texas to carlsbad california. 1500 miles in less than 24 hours. driving all the way through is the way we like to do it!