Sometimes, I like to build stuff

(pardon the scars)

This past weekend was insane. I drove down to Houston to hang out with Brandi (help her pack) before her month long adventure in California. I had planned on working on portfolio stuff, but Brandi is pretty much a whole weekend investment. haha. Did you see our silly video? Some might say we are immature, but if you are not laughing and enjoying your life and the people in it, what's the point?

Brandi took off out of town just as my parents were getting into town and I had a full day to dedicate to my parents and my portfolio. I spent the morning with my mom and the afternoon with my Dad. I explained that I needed to do a "quick project" and my Dad laughed. I had my portfolio with me printed out and trimmed, but I needed to bind it. After a trip to the Home Depot we finally started working around 4:00 in the evening. Yikes.

Here's my pops drilling through the plexiglass. Neither of us had ever done that before and it WAS stressful.

I think Pops and I deserve a ice cold beer after that one :)

Here are some more shots of my book. I know it's a little hard to tell what's going on so I'm providing a variety of shots.

The hardest part was that darn plexiglass. 

maaaaggggic or pipe screws.

(that's my office/intern partner Katie in the background)

Thanks Pops for helping me with my book!
I already want to make another small book for all my logos and another big one with a few changes. I would like to play with light stains for the wood, antiquing the screws and hinges, and scratching/scruffing up the plexiglass. It might be too much, but it might be perfect. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck in the interview world!