Back from the Dead

Well, I (schmalan) now live in Nashville, my Web site is up and somewhat functional, I got a job at a sweet used book store and I even started doing minimal workouts. Eh? 

Hopefully, I will be in the financial position to purchase a camera soon, and these posts will be much more lively. Until then, I will continue to rely heavily upon web pictures. Below are some tunes I hope you enjoy.

Sacramento, CA

Valient Brave (from Monster Head Room)

Make It Up (from Ganglians)

Charleston, SC

 Long Road (from Dust and Bones)

 The Hardest Thing (from Are You Ready To Die)

New Orleans, LA

 Waterfall (from Too Thirsty 4 Love)

Duluth, Minnesota

South of the South (from South of the South)

Lone Rose (from Simple Love)

Please check out the Please & Thank You Web site as there are some new tour dates up for many of my artists. Also, we will be posting more info to the site and finalizing it in general over the next few weeks.

Take care,

P.S. check Brandi and Jacobs work out blog for  progress.