Feature Friday: Skin Care 101 With Ginny Lee

Hello all and happy Friday! We wanted this Feature Friday to be something everyone could take something from so we asked Ginny some general skin care questions. Ginny Lee is a licensed esthetician and has been working in the industry about five years. If you need facial/waxing in Houston, she's your gal! 713-471-6731

What are the most basic steps to having healthy skin?
Watch your diet... Make sure you eat lots of veggies and fruit. Your skin will glow from it! Wash your face twice a day! Moisturize and wear sunscreen!

How many times should we wash our face a day?
Wash your face in the am and pm. If you can only commit to one time a day, do it at night! You've gotta wash that oil and dirt and makeup if you wear it.

Can you explain skin care for those of us with oily skin versus dry skin?
Oily vs dry. It's pretty much genetic. People with more oily skin tend to have larger pores. That can result in them getting clogged and then causing a breakout. Genetically, you're body naturally produces more sebum I.e. Oil. Make sure you use products that have a an exfoliating ingredient like salicylic acid. Use a light moisturizer along with some kind masque that is refines your skin and helps un-clog your pores! Dry skin usually has small pores and dull skin. People need to take special care to moisturize their skin properly so that the skin doesn't dry out and cause wrinkles!

With all the brands out there and skin products, I get overwhelmed. Can you list a few "must-have" items for us?
Finding the right brand of skin care can be hard especially if you have sensitive skin. I always gravitate towards more natural skin care. You don't want to see a ingredient list that's a mile long. Our body accepts healthy foods that nourish us; Our skin does the same thing. Naturally derived products tend to treat our skin better because it accepts it. Nobody wants nasty chemicals absorbing into their skin! A few brands that I like are Boscia, Aveda, and Cosmedix. Everyone's must have list will be different. 

How can we avoid getting clogged pores?
Clogged pores are no good. Use a masque once a week made for exfoliation. I like Cosmedix Pure Enzyme masque. It has cranberry and lactic acid which leaves the skin glowing and super smooth. Plus it smells delicious! Scrubs can be nice, just be careful because it's easy to overdo it and irritate your skin! It helps to use these kinds of masques in the shower because the steam will help de-congest your pores.

If we want to take our skin care up a notch and do more than the bare minimum, what would you recommend?
Okay, the bare minimum is pretty much just washing your face. So if you wanna bring it to the next level here are some tips. Find a serum that is appropriate for your skin, and use a toner. If you can get a facial once every six weeks. Your Esthetician will keep you updated on any changes going on and will keep those pores clean!

All the doctors say we should be wearing sunscreen daily, but I hate how most sun screens make my face oily and are smelly. Are there any out there that don't do that?
I also hate that sunscreen smell! Some of the more pricey moisturizers won't have that smell to it at all and they have an SPF of 15 or 30. Boscia has a great SPF moisturizer that's oil free! When I'm feeling greasy I use this and it leaves my skin feeling matte. I also love Cosmedix Hydrate Plus. It smells like ice cream. Yummy. Anyone can wear it. It will leave your skin feeling balanced and hydrated.

Do you know of any "tricks" to having great skin?
Tricks for great skin... drink lots of water, get at least seven hours of sleep a night, wash your pillow cases at least once a week, and for a really good freshening up do this scrub... Cut a lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. Dip a cotton ball in the juice, and then sprinkle some pure cane sugar on the soaked cotton ball. Scrub that face.....(gently)! It feels fanatic and will leave you glowing. Not to mention it's about the cheapest scrub you can use!

I have been asking everyone this question and so far no one has an answer, maybe you will... We know moisturizing is important, but at what point should guys/girls start using the anti-aging products?
Anti-aging products need to start entering your skin care regimen in your 30's. Start with something simple like adding a serum that fights free radicals and fills your skin with anti-oxidants. Start using an eye cream NOW! Even if your 20! Your eyes will thank you when you're in your 50's!

If you have only five minutes to get ready, what are you going to do in order to look your best?
5 minutes? Wash, tone, apply a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone (use one with an SPF). Swipe on some mascara and gloss and your good to go! If there's a little more time warm up those cheeks with a peachy blush. It looks good on every skin tone!

Do you have any spare knowledge about skin that we (guys and girls) should know? 
Lastly, I would say that being consistent with your skin care regimen is extremely important! Also, a lot of people think if they have oily skin they don't need to moisturize. Not true! It's all about balance. If you try to dry your skin out then you'll only cause it to produce more oil. If your feeling greasy by the end of the day do a pre-cleanse with jojoba oil. Apply the oil on your face and then wet it and apply your cleanser. The oil will help remove excess oil from your skin and it will take all that makeup off. I know it sounds weird, and people with oily skin will probably not want to try it, but trust me! It feels sooooo good. That's all I can think of right now. Good luck!

Wow! That's a lot of new material for me, but I am definitely going to work on getting all these into my daily routine. I love the lemon/sugar scrub! Thanks for all the knowledge Ginny Lee!

If you would like to contact Ginny for an appointment:
makeup (regular or airbrush) facials (all kinds), waxing ( she's awesome at bikini and brazillians and thats hard to find)
Satori Salon (near the Houston Galleria) 4326 Westheimer 713-961-0961

1. Did you find this skin information interesting/helpful?
2. Are these things you have already been doing?
3. Do you ever get facials?


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