kelly and i decided to get a little more consistent on our little blog so every monday we will share something that we totally <3 LOVE. today i chose my salon (the sunchild) beacuse i love it so much and it's such a huge part of me. i feel very blessed to love what i do and love my clients. sometimes i really can't believe that i work for myself!
inside my salon.
one of my favorite things to do is rearrange the room, jacob and i do this ALL the time!
this photo of the chair is by shannon cook. this photo series is amazing! she took a bunch of photo's of abandoned houses and  junk on the side of the road, even had a whole art show with polaroid pictures and ziplock bags full of FOUND items from the houses. AHHHH! 
now while my clients are processing (color on their hair), or my friends stop by before a hot date they can paint their nails and pop in their favorite record.
nail polosh table
i got these chairs from a friend. i traded a haircut for them:) SCORE! and the surfboard in the background was given to me by a friend of a friend bc she was moving north. it's a little small for me but perfect for the sunchild.
paper lanterns
kelly and i made this paper chain chandelier for THIS romantical OCCASION and i loved it so much i kept it up.
 OPI i am forever going to love you and your names!
i am not sure why some of these come with the plastic around the top and some don't.
but if you are looking for OPI colors and can't find it...let me know and i probably have it or can get it for you.
i just had my nails done yesterday with the youngest bueno sis and i picked WHO THE SHREK ARE YOU! for my nail color this week. this is the second color so far from the shrek collection. it's official i'm in love with this collection!

currently listening to finnegan and working on a video project:)

CLIENTS AND FRIENDS: do you have any suggestions or requests for the sunchild? it can be anything i want to make this your happy place too.
Brandi @sunchildsalon

P.S. i would love to see your workplace. do you love your job?