Hello, in case you haven't noticed, we have gained a few more sponsors (links on the right hand side of the blog). When we do pick up another sponsor, we love to share a little bit about them so you know just how rad they are. Meet Melissa.

Hello there! I'm Melissa from the Buffy Sunshine Blog. I run a non-profit homeschool program for teenage girls who drop out of high school. I use art, music and several other creative methods to teach them how to become real people in this world. Please check out my blog and my Sunshine Shop! All proceeds from the Sunshine Shop help pay for textbooks, music lessons, field trips, and healthy food for my little school. I have a dashing husband and three shiny kids (ages 5, 4, and 3). My life is busy, my house is loud, my mind is elaborate, my heart is full. It's a bright sunshiny day!
When you have a moment, go check out her blog/shop.