the letter "G"









this necklace has been one of my favorite piece's for years now.  i bought it on some thrifting adventure a long time ago and couldn't believe i found something with my last name initial! the "G" was for my maiden name. BUT, i have been married for over two years now and i think it's time to say goodbye to the letter "G" and finally get my name changed! can you believe i still haven't changed it? DON"T ANSWER THAT!  now i will have to try and find an "L" for LISENBE.

do you ever buy vintage jewelry with your name on it? have you ever found a piece with your name on it? my friend susan collects jewelry with her name on it. she has an amazing collection actually. i think she should blog about it.

not sure what i'm going to do with this yet? maybe auction it off on the blog...may put it in the shop?
what do you think i should do with this?