two cent tuesday: finding cheap thrills

you don't have to spend a lot of money this summer to have a good time. we are experts at cheap thrills! especially while saving for that big vacation you have coming up. i mean seriously, there is a lot you can do. if you are having a brain fart we will help you.
start a book club. get your favorite friends together and start a book club. it doesn't have to be a book could all learn something together. ex: spanish, camera settings, the bible, TWILIGHT series hahaha.
thrift challenge.  find a photo in a magazine of an outfit you want then try to duplicate that.
thrift challenge.
reality bites.
heck yeah! i got this denim top today from value village for $1.60! and guess what? IT'S GAP! if you have seen the movie you know why i'm excited about it being GAP.
i already had the purple glasses, they were $5 at the white trash swap meet in Huntington Beach. i wanted bangs like vickie but since im not about to cut them...i just grabbed a bobby pin and wah-la!
"I'm late for a jean-folding seminar. Let's locomote!" - vickie circa 1994 reality bites.
TRIVIA: do you know what mall she was working at? or what city this movie was filmed in?

movie night. every week agree on a movie to rent (only $1 at red box). decide on a director and go from there. one night we watched 3 john hughes movies. the next week it was wes anderson week. if you get a whole group chances are someone will just bring a movie over from there collection.
but make it fun and get creative.maybe even dress up as the characters in movie. i have these plastic popcorn holders that look like the paper kind you get at the fair or carnival. they were also ONLY a buck at target. you can have everyone bring something. drinks, candy, healthy snacks..whatever you like.
* jacob and i have tru blood night with our friends justin and natalie every week.
Justin ordered these online O positive. its just an energy drink people! don't freak out!
tru blood

find a fun how-to. i always feel accomplished when i complete a project. big or small.
Scan 19

i will give kelly credit for this post. her computer is at the doctor again! i will let her post photo's of her bow and arrow later :)