Hi my name is Brandi if you are a new follower or regular follower i just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by. I think it's about that time for a fun post where i ask you some questions and you give me feedback. I love searching for new blogs so if you know of one that you think we would love let us know!
1. have you ever met any blog friends in person? who was it?
were they just as you expected or exactly how they came across on their blog?
2. what do you look for in a blog?
ex: fun photo's, deep thoughts, DIY, outfits, recipes, home organization, getting personal
3. what are your pet peeves about blogs?
biscuit made a list one time and it was hillarious! we totally do some of the things on her list, but thats ok
4. what do you want to see more of on mucho mucho bueno bueno?
i know some of our guy friends want inspiration on guys fashion...coming soon
i also plan on having more hair posts.
5. WHAT IS YOUR BLOG NAME? we want to check it out:)

again if you know of a blog you think that we would love let us know (link)

what is your favorite thing about our blog?