so i have been sick sick sick since last saturday. i thought it was sun poisoning bc we were out on the boat all day.
but i have no idea what i had because i had chills, fever, headaches, the runs, then sunday my cramps started and i rested all day while all my friends were at the winery:( but there was no way i could go. the thought of sun, riding in a bus and wine made me cringe. i just sat and watched life time all day going in and out of sleep. i was hungry but everything made me sick. monday we all got our stuff ready to go home and i was just really weak but not as bad as i was sat or sunday. tuesday i took it easy, it was a rainy day. i woke up wed feeling like i was hung over even though i had no alcohol in me but i managed to go to work feeling ok. it was a short day at the salon and when 7 pm rolled around i was WORSE than ever. i could barely open my eyes or walk. Jacob was gone at a gig so i called my mom, my lil sis answered and i was in tears. i needed someone to come take care of me. yes i was crying like a baby.

yes i am a whimp. my dad showed up 3 min later with immodium, he was in the area and he was going to keep me company until Jacob got home. he knew i was sick when i said he could pick the channel. a little after my dad showed up my mom came and brought me sprite and chicken noodle soup but she couldn't stay bc she had to take amy home. i am a very lucky and loved daughter. i know this.

thursday anything i ate came up-friday i had high fever and i was still very weak but my food was staying down so we looked up ecoli bc my gma was worried. maybe i had that? maybe it was the worst flu ever.
 jacob spoon fed me all my meals, rubbed my back, went on many errands for fudge popsicles, cantelope, redbox, and theraflu. i pray that when your sick you have your very own jacob to take care of you.

FINALLY SATURDAY 9 a.m. my fever broke but im not 100 percent myself yet.
P.S. i hate immodium! don't take it. i would rather have the runs than not be able to go AT ALL!

let this be a warning to all of you! take your vitamins the FLU is here! eat healthy, get your 8 hours of sleep per night. when i got sick i was on about 4 hours of sleep per night. NOT GOOD.