OMG I HEART: Recycled fashion

I love dressing boyish! The boys always have the best clothes and it's not fair. This brown/white Levi's gingham shirt is one of my most recent thrift finds. I found it in the Women's section of a thrift store, but I'm 97% sure that it was originally a male shirt that some girl, who didn't know what she was doing with a sewing machine, attacked. It fits a bit wonky, but I like it. 

You have probably seen these boots in a post or two. My aunt gave them to me because one of my little cousins out-grew them. The was no way I was passing these boots up.

I make the bueno bueno headbands out of a variety of materials. I made this one out of leather found in a scrap pile. If you have scraps, send them my way.

These shorts were originally pants that a guy friend (thanks Andy Kuhn) gave me my freshman year of college. He said he was trying the skinny jean style and these pants didn't work. The jean were too big for me (at the time), so I kept them until I knew what to do with them. Last summer I found them and cut them apart and they are now one of my favorite things to wear. I'm a little sad that I grew into them, but I didn't have to spend $100.00 for a good pair of jean shorts.

There you go, recycled fashion.

I hope you are enjoying your extra day off from work. I have just taken on a new design project so I may not be around as much I would like to be. Take care and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!