Something Old, Something New

old photo by Brandi Price

This was in Kansas City I believe, outside of The Brick. It's a great little venue that feeds you well and the sweet woman that runs it lives upstairs. Or helps run it. I can't remember. I do remember Daniel Markham sat down on the street and got ants on him and wound up shucking his britches in the street because of this. Haha.

new photo by Daniel Markham

Kelly has a way of making every picture look cooler and cuter than it would normally be. The above is an example.


What One Bottle Can Do by Dolorean

Hard Working Dogs by Dolorean

Dolorean are from Portland and headed up by a fellow named Al James. He flew to Lubbock once to play a show with Deer Tick I had booked. Sweet people. 'What One Bottle Can Do' is one of many songs Al mentions wine in, which may be one of the many reasons I love this band. 

Many of Dolorean's songs have been described as 'sleepy' by folks I know, which is a quality I sincerely appreciate. However, their new record (The Unfazed) takes sleepy and infuses it with some sweet-ass dreams of manageable pace. In short, this record takes the place of prescription drugs (for me). 

(probably overplayed, but oh, so good!)

Kelly is right on the button on this. I have always loved Beach House. Many dumb, dumb American hipsters have as well, but fork it. Sometimes a dog smells a squirrel and that's all that dog wants. 'Gila' was possibly the first tune that drew me in and 'Zebra' is the first track off their latest record (how quaint!). It's good, Memoryhouse is a somewhat copy and still good, I do not care what "bros" say.

Asking For Flowers by Kathleen Edwards

Speaking of bros, this lady will mangle their boy parts and linguistically induce a heart attack of sorrow for anyone with a mind and the experience of living. She has always danced the line of commercial appeal and bare bones, heart-aching wonder, but I dance the dance of whiskey and tears of possible joy when I hear her voice.

 (Beyond amazing live...find out for yourself, they are currently on a west coast tour)

Scary Weeds by Thrift Store Cowboys

Right again friendo (wink). This is the best live band for my tastes I have seen besides Wilco. Flat out, the best tone, lyrics, phrasing and melodies you could want. Take Old 97s, Calexico, Band of Horses and Devotchka...put that in your fancy food processor and you have a knock-off version of what this band is. I cannot stress to you enough how good they are. And honestly, I don't care if you believe me - at least I found them.

Kel & Schmal