What you see is what you get

checking in with work like a responsible adult.
If you know us bueno sisters you know that we are always leaving something behind and we have to turn around to get whatever it is that we left, or we are always on our phone checking emails and returning texts.

I wonder what people think when they see us at lunch together. I know they are thinking something because we always get lots of stares. Maybe it's because we are always running into each other, bickering, or laughing way too loud.

People who want to smash our phones:
Our Dad
Jacob (my husband)
Reasons why I think it's ok to always text:
-this is the fastest way to get a hold of me because i can't just answer the phone at anytime.
-this is how i book most of my appointments
-even my grandmother texts me

Do you prefer talking or texting for just quick questions?