17 ways to wear your hair.

 pony tail- jacob's favorite.
 heavy bangs
 braided headband.
 bobby pin madness- you can go all the way down for an artistic look.
 bangs down side braid pinned back.
 feather headband.
 straight and spunky- grow out from one side of my head being shaved.
 twisted bang pin back- great for grow out stage.
 big hair big fun- the messier the better.
 braided front with feather.
 side pony.
 bohemian updo. see tutorial
 2 braids 1 feather.

 pin hair all to one side.
 one side braid.
 take out your braids for random waves and wear a heavy side part.
tired of your hair, small changes make a big difference like....
 change your part girl.

middle part.

I hope these little changes help you when you are in a hair rut. Seriously just play around with your hair, look at magazines, people on TV, go people watch and figure out what you like.

Oh and product is key! I get asked all the time what shampoo and conditioner do i use. I use AQUAGE most of the time.
Moroccan oil sometimes, Mop lemon grass, and Schwarzkopf. I NEVER USE CRAPPY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. crappy shampoo= grocery store stuff like pantene, suave, or even the professional brands.
The professional brands at the grocery store are most likely defected or rejects. It's really important to use a good shampoo because build up is a pain, and cheap shampoo's give lots of wax build up and limp hair.

So please please ask your hair stylist for the best shampoo and conditioner for you. Don't be cheap when it comes to your hair. It will make a big difference I know because i did an experiment with cheap shampoo vs good shampoo. If you are in doubt, ask your stylist if he/she has any samples, I am sure they do.

 I am curious....What Shampoo and Conditioner do you use?