okay so photo 1 is what i wore today. my hair is a little flat because i was wearing a feather headband all day.
top- K&J from chicle de anya boutique.
shoes- F21
hair- DAY 3
i love this lacy tank and the lady working the dressing room, she was cra cra and kept making us laugh.
seriously i think she did crack rock. she got mad at Rannie for saying that a "REAL MULBERRY" cost way more and the lady snapped back "THIS IS A REAL MULBERRY,  I worked at LV for a long time at Neimens!" 
 no it's Mulberry for Target, but whatev's.
you know i got this top too.
ew i am glad i didn't get this black dress. it was way too long, in this photo i had folded it up to make it shorter.
MULBERRY for target. Rannie snagged the last one..so we thought, then the lady that found this one for her came up to us 30 minutes later and brought us a black shiny one too. Rannie left a happy lady with 2 new purses.
granny chic. i didn't get these but i was tempted. i have way too many sunglasses.

I also got a lace cardigan and 3 pairs of thigh highs.

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