Newest Sponsor: Shawni Marie

Meet Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno's newest sponsor, Shawni Marie, the lady behind A Spoonful of Love blog.

Shawni's Ten Facts:
1. I was born in Virginia, raised in Germany, and reside in Sacramento,CA. I love moving, I think this stems from my childhood.
2. I can read a book in a day. Reading makes me happier than anything else.
3. I am a chef at a restaurant and I love my job. It's hard work but making people happy with my food makes me happiest.
4. I am opening an Etsy store, hopefully SOON. I am still working on the final details, but I am very excited/nervous.
5. My biggest fear is ladybugs, seriously. They scare me. When I was a little girl I believed they were actually the evil souls of dead people. 
6. My two favorite things to eat are chocolate cake and bacon.... TOGETHER. 
7. I played soccer for 11 years. I kind of want to start playing again.
8. I am an only child. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister. Or both. Growing up alone resulted in a VERY large imagination.
9. It is my absolute dream to publish a cook book someday.
10. I have a horrible shopping problem. My friends tease me. My closet won't accept any more...

I started blogging mostly because of my best friend Liz. She has an amazing blog and I loved the way she could share herself without very afraid. When I started blogging I realized just HOW MUCH I missed writing and being creative. The more friends I meet online, the more inspired I become to try new things. I loved art when I was younger, but when I grew up I have to admit, I forgot all about sewing and crafting, writing and learning. Through blogging I have met the most amazing people who inspire we to push my creative side. It's very exciting.

The photo of the bookmarks are for my future store project. I am going to be making homemade bookmarks. Still working on a name, but I will be working on it non-stop till I'm all set up.
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