overnight bags
body wash and face wash.
travel size containers for face wash and body wash:)

i have a battery operated toothbrush but it's a pain to pack so i just use one from the dentist or a regular one.
i need my hair products with me at all times! i freak out without them.
just some necessities. and if you take a poo at a friends house you should light a match, or burn a candle.
always be prepared. i hate air freshener smell.
travel size
ok so i don't take all of my travel size shampoo's and conditioners but i will take 2 kinds.
usually a set for volume and a set to hydrate. i never throw away the travel size containers, i just keep refilling them because they don't always have the travel size available. 
so all of this fits with room to spare in my overnight bathroom bag.
curling iron a must
the curling iron is too long, so this usually goes in my main overnight bag. have to have it!
shower items.
all of my shower items go in my moroccan oil travel bag just so it's easier to grab.
my travel size toothbrush always goes in a ziplock bag...germs are yucky.
pack it up.
inside my bag is awesome, it has little slots. this is also a great make up bag or artists bag.
sometimes i use it for a purse or when i have to do a house call for a client (HAIR) i put all my products and cutting gear inside. i love this bag and i get a ton of compliments on it.
what are your must haves when you pack your overnight?

p.s. i haven't always been so prepared with my overnight bag, i think jacob is rubbing off on me.
as long as i have known him he always has had his overnight bag with him. he doesn't always have his contact solution with him so we have a million bottles!