Formspring Q&A


Where do you want to travel, outside the states?

We would love to travel outside the states more, if only it were in our budget. Together, we have only done it once and that was our Paris trip last summer. We definitely have some more beaches to check out, Brandi just got back from Hawaii. We are DYING to go to Spain, we just need to save an get down with the Spanish lessons. Costa Rica and Japan will follow our trip to Spain. 

We take a lot of mini trips around TX and the rest of the States too. Music festivals are always a good excuse for a road trip!

You're amazing at hair so what do you recommend for CRAZY frizzy wavy hair that wants to be neither straight nor properly curly?

Well, Kelly has the crazy curly that sometimes can't decide what it's doing. I recommend going to a salon, if you can, and getting some sort of a deep conditioning treatment.  Buy shampoo and conditioner from a salon that is for curly/frizzy hair. If it's frizzing, that is telling you that your hair is dry so the shampoo you are looking for needs to be a "moisturizing" one. Right now Kelly is using Biomega Silk Shampoo and Biomega Intensive conditioner and it has really helped tame the crazy down. She also uses the Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream on super dry days and the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment to soften the ends.


Who owns Sunchild? 

Brandi is the Hairstylist and owns Sunchild Salon


Are both of you married? (Not you and your husband, obviously, but rather, are you and your sister both married)

Brandi is married to Jacob (going on 3 yrs in February!) and Kelly is not married....but I want her to one day WANT to get married so we can plan another fun wedding!


What nationality are you guys? Everyone in your family is beautiful :)

Thank you! We (parents and siblings) were all born in the U.S. and are a quality/crazy mixture of mostly Spanish and Mexican scrambled with a little German, French, Native American, Irish, and English. Yes, I have to name all of these or else my Grandma will read this and then kill me. I get a lecture every time I accidentally leave one out.


What would you do if your sister's boyfriend cheated on her? 

I hope that never happens, but if it did, I think continuing on in life without my sister would be punishment enough. Honestly, he would be taken down so quick...


Keep the questions rolling in!