Hawaii I love you and I never want to leave....

It's Saturday, Natalie and Justin are back in Texas now, and we still have til tuesday for more adventures.
Time goes so slow here even though we are having fun. I love it! This is a little how our days have been going.
Wake up around 6, drink some coffee with the group while the most awesome breeze rushes in through the windows, plan which beach we want to check out, pack a picnic, go exploring for treasures, watch the boys surf, eat, run into surfers from other countries, come back to the house and jump on the trampoline, eat coconuts, and drink the juice, climb trees, take naps on the hammock or trampoline, go to ROOTS SKATEPARK, nature walks to badass cliffs, plan dinner, hang out, and i am seriously wiped out about 9 pm! 

Our days are so busy that when 9 pm rolls around we feel like it's 1 am, some nights we have made it to 1 or 2 but mostly it's been 11 pm bedtimes.

I just love waking up here, I can't even describe the beauty around me, the love....I walk upstairs from our little cottage and there are my family best friends still sleeping, in the kitchen, or just standing around with big smiles. 

more photo's coming...

P.S. add ROOTS SKATEPARK on Facebook. Our cousins built this non- profit for the kids here in North Kohala. I think that it so amazing because kids need some place to just go and get all there energy out, build their self esteem, work on their passion, and stay out of trouble.