So I have known Pammy since she was a little girl with blunt bangs, a pony tail, and her school uniform... usually she was kicked out of the room we were in and got the door slammed in her face by her older sister who was my BFF. Oh sister love...while me and Umbe (her older sister) were talking about boys and trying to figure out the chords to Hole (Courtney Love) I am...Doll Parts......oh how we tortured those around us learning those songs, anyway....while we were doing that, Pam was in her room  on her computer, playing piano, designing web pages!!! she was like 6! Little Genius.

Pam Cantu- Designer, Artist, Film Photographer, Musician, Beauty, one of Houstons Natural Talents.
These are some of my favorite shots of hers...
happy birthday

kelsey & pedro

ben donehower

lisa & chris

timothy dorsey

timothy dorsey

shelby / george

bay house

downtown houston / chase


1. I've never broken a bone.
2. I've been playing music in bands since I was 15 years old.
3. I am in love with virtuality.
4. I am completely and utterly obsessed with my cat, Apollo.
5. I have been to 23 of the Continental United States in my 20 years of living, and would like to visit the others by the time I'm 30.
6. My favorite band is Grizzly Bear, along with my favorite guitarist being Daniel Rossen.
7. Often times, whenever I look at the clock it always seem to be 11:11.
8. I'm more spiritual than religious.
9. I am horrible with words and sometimes organize sentences so they are hard to comprehend once first read.
10. I want to double major in Physics and Art.

http://pamcantu.com/ or


I couldn't resist.....DIGITAL Oldies..Pam shot these for Bueno Bueno Vintage one night when we were all hanging out. I love them! we even have some blown up in our house.