Where do you get all the feathers you use? Just a craft store, or do you special order them?
We are always looking for feathers! We look out for feathers when we go thrifting a lot because we are big fans of taking something a part and reusing the materials. Some of the feathers come from craft stores and online shops. A good amount of feathers come from friends too. 

Where did you go to hair school? how did you pay for it?
I went to a junior college and worked 3 jobs. Then I worked for a salon where I was an apprentice for six months and that’s where I received a really good education. I am constantly going to hair shows and taking classes to keep up with new and upcoming trends. 

do you want more tattoos?
Yes, the key one is suppose to have a frame around it, and when I have kids I have some planned for that... but I don’t want to be covered in them. 
Kelly wants some too, but can never make up her mind.

brandi what shampoo/conditioner do you recommend for
super straight, fine hair? i've used moroccan oil shampoo
and conditioner (washing every 3rd or 4th day only) and
really liked it, but was wondering if you have one you
recommend more highly.
I wouldn’t recommend the Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (other Moroccan Oil products, yes) because it’s probably too heavy to fine hair and will make it flatter. I would recommend the Biomega Volume Shampoo and Moisture Mist as a conditioner because it’s a mist and won’t weigh your hair down. Also, I would try the MOP Lemongrass Shampoo and Conditioner on your hair. 

Brandi, you said that you used to be really bad to Kelly as a
teenager but now you girls seem to be as close as sisters
best friends can be. How did you get to that point? Did it just
happen one day? And Kelly, was Brandi really that bad to
you? Hehe.
We grew up and realized that out of everyone that comes into your life, your family (in our situation) will always be there to count on and you can always trust them above all. Also, I think just being a female, we have that competitive streak and me and Kelly just had to realize that we didn’t have to “beat” each other and that instead we can help one another get to where we want to be. It was very rough getting to where we are now. I really think a lot of it was time and not giving up. Even when we would fight constantly, we would still want to hang out. 

I’m not sure what “really bad” is, but growing up with Brandi was an emotional roller coaster because of all our ups and downs. I never hated her though. My cousins and some of our close family friends love bringing up stories of “Brandi and Kelly, the younger years” but I’m sure they exaggerate them to make them juicy. I have a horrible memory so I really don’t remember much, but what I do remember just sounds like normal big sister things. For the longest time Brandi thought I was holding a grudge and that I secretly hated her for all the things she did, but I had to get it through to her that I don’t hate her, not even a little bit, for everything that happened and that I don’t even remember most of it (so it couldn’t have been that big of a deal). It’s all in the past and it’s a good laugh. Overall, no relationship is magically “good” one day. It takes a lot of fighting and a lot of crying and a whole lot of self reflection to repair any relationship. We have put in our hours and we have finally made it!
Kelly just figured out over the years that I am just kind of crazy!

What cosmetology school(s) would you recommend in the
Austin area? :)
 If you want to spend a little extra money I would check out Toni & Guy in Dallas, Aveda, or Paul Mitchell schools...These schools provide excellent education right away. But, you should check out the junior colleges in your area too. 

hiya :) a few months ago y'all did a post about waxing :) can
you link me back to the friend y'all recommend? also...any
tips? unless it'd be too crude! haha thanks!

That link should take you too our skin care post with Ginny Lee. She is amazing and the only person we trust with our skin and bare skin ;) All of her contact information is at the end of this post. 
Waxing TIPS: Drink lots of tequila before you go (jk)! If you are getting waxed anywhere below the neck, it’s expected/polite to be clean. Seems like that would be common sense, but as it turns out, there are some very rude people out there. The pain is worth it, especially if you are going on vacation.

I just want to say both of you have such great style and great
hair! I wanted to know what you both thought of the "no
shampoo" revolution? Is it really true that shampoo even
organic is bad for hair? 
K: While I find the whole “No Poo” movement intriguing and it has worked for people, I’m a hair product kind of gal. I have oily skin, and surprise, and oily scalp so I love shampooing my hair. When the scalp gets oily, it causes pores to clog and can cause your hair to fall out/thin. I have found the Biomega shampoo and conditioner to work best with my crazy head of hair. I can wash it and let it naturally dry and get away with not doing anything else. My advice to those who want to try out the “no poo” method, be sure to really scrub your scalp so your pores don’t get clogged with oils.

B: I do not agree with “no poo”. I love shampoo, just not for everyday use.

i absolutely love reading your blog! brandi, where did you go
to school to be a stylist?? i used to live in dallas and i wish i
would've come down to houston to get my hair done before i
moved back to NC. :) i love all your tutorials
Thanks! A Junior College here in the Houston area, VCU closed down so we got the teacher from that school. Not every junior college is up to par so ask around:) I also grew up with a mom who is a hair stylist.

Who is your fashion Icon??
hmmm..we love looking at photos of our mom and my aunts when they were growing up, they had amazing effortless style.

any tips on treating damaged hair. i've dyed it so much it's
damaged.. so i'm trying to grow out to my natural color
again.. *sigh* it's pretty fried
You are not alone! Moisture will be your new best friend. You could go to a salon for a deep conditioning treatment and buy shampoos specifically for color damaged hair. Try to use your blowdryer/flat iron/curling iron only in emergencies and if you do, you need a heat protectant. try to moroccan oil mask, and use the repair rescue leave in from schwarzkopf.

I really admire you and your husband and your relation!Do
you have some recipe for this satisfied life? Thanks and i
wish you much love!!!
Awe, thanks!  I hope we don’t come off as being perfect because we aren’t at all. We fight but, we both forgive easily, we still do the little sweet things, we make effort to make the other one happy, we pray, we have friends we can go to when we are having a rough time that encourage us, we are very goofy together (it’s important to have fun and just laugh together) we are still trying to figure it all out though. Marriage is hard work. All in all no matter how mad I get toward him he is my best friend. I made a commitment to him in front of God, my family, and my friends and I will continue to work for what we have together...forever.
if you yourself aren't perfect why would you expect your mate to be? (i have to say this to myself sometimes)

Who's the most overrated actor?
We don’t like to hate...publicly.

don't hesitate to ask...

we will be answering new questions next sunday.