Gifts For The Men In Your Life

1. Ugly Chistmas Sweater Shirt - $20
I first saw these cuties while scrolling through SwissMiss (never stopped by that blog before? Go now, you won't have any regrets). The ugly sweater shirt has two other options, deer and moose. Thank you Vardagen. These shirt are perfect for people spending the holidays in the heat of Houston.

2. Handmade Solid Oak Buttons (5 pc) - $4
I love these! I have jars and jars of buttons, so I don't need these...I can still look.

3. Post Office Coin Bank - $95
This reminds me of a bank that my friend Kristi Hank had when we were growing up. I don't remember what it looks like, but I remember that you needed a code to get your money out. Strang, but looking at this took me back to the Hank house. They always had the best toys and gadgets in their house.

 4. Modern Rustin Original Deer Art - $650 
I don't know how many more times I can say it, Dolen Geiman is awesome. He does have art under $100, but I've got my heart set on this peice!

5. Stinky Lites -  $6
Kind of strange, but everyone I know has matches in their RR.

6. Vintage Bronze Bookends - $85
Even if I didn't have a ton of books, I would find a place for these.

7. H by Hudson

8. H by Hudson

9. H by Hudson

10. H by Hudson

11. GOLD TIMEX - $80

Smells wonderful and is super affordable as far as professional haircare goes. Contact @sunchildsalon  (sunchildsalon at gmail dot com) if you would like to order some. 

photo by Lonnie Webb
13. Bueno Bueno key necklace - $33 + shipping
Right now we are taking custom orders ($40 + shipping) for the month of December only. Not sure if we will ever offer this again, so get your orders in while you still have time.