professional "SHAMPOO IS BETTER"

I can't stress this enough....

Yes, it's very important to use good shampoo from the salon. After I am done styling my clients hair and they say "I can never get it to look like this! It feels so good!"

Thats when I ask "Well what shampoo do you use?"

Why it's important:

- a good shampoo will really wash the dirt, grease, and product build up without stripping out COLOR. (sulfate free)
- you may think your pantene pro-v is making your hair really shiny but its weighing your hair     down, and your hair is getting a ton of wax build up (wax/shine). it eventually dulls your hair.
- cheap shampoo will dry out your hair...which can lead to dandruff. 

If you think professional shampoo is to expensive:

- if you have color in your hair and you are using cheap shampoo your expensive color job might as well be a DIY color job because that color is going to fade fast.
- if having good hair is important to you why not spend the extra dollar?
one bottle of wine lasts one night, a bottle of shampoo lasts months.
- you are probably using too much shampoo. (just wash your scalp)
- if you really want healthy hair this is the way to start.

*ask your stylist for samples to try out first if you are still skeptical of switching to professional shampoo. 
* buy your products from your salon, or at Ulta, DO NOT BUY THEM AT GROCERY STORES, or at TJMAX, these places often carry defected products, or even expired products.

and here's a little video on the subject...

I am not being a hair snob, I really want to help you feel and look your best.