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Meet our lady friend and sponsor, Cassandra, aka CAL.


rock candy

1. My name is Cassandra but I go by CaL - CAL are my initials.
2. My favorite food is tacos, yes, tacos.
3. I drive a purple car.
4. I have a dog that weighs more than you do - about 120 lbs, a monsterous German Shepherd.
5. I know how to sand and prime a car.
6. I've met Brandi and she's as rad as you suspect!
7. I am a certified SCUBA diver, which means I know how to work a "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus."
8. I was born in East LA - like the song from Cheech and Chong.
9. I am learning how to work various wood shop machines for some upcoming additions to my shop.
10. You should really go visit my online Shop @ - that'd be great!

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