OMG: I Heart these 2 bands.

Taylor Lee
Sara Van Bus Kirk
Ginny Lee
Asher Pudlo
Val Young
Darin lee
Finnegan. What can I say this is one of my favorite bands. 3 members are my cousins and the other 3 are close friends. This is not the reason I love them. I love them because the music causes people to have a good time, or reflect on good times, sad times, what I am saying is that they make you.... "Feel"

If you come to a show you will totally snap, clap, bob your head, do a little foot tap, maybe even shout the lyrics. I know I will be.

The best part about today is that Finnegan will be playing with another one of our favorites....

I am pumped. I remember the first time I heard Brent Nettles music I was at his house in California and we were all sitting around playing boardgames listening to music and I was really digging the song that was on, so I asked "Who are we listening to? I really like this!" Brent was Like, "It's me." 
"No way." Ever since then Jacob and I have been hooked.

It's going to be a good time! see you at NOTSUOH 314 Main St. (Downtown)
Doors open around 7pm.