Our talented friend Lonnie Webb took this dreamy photo of his Christmas dinner in Australia. When I saw this, I instantly wanted to be there.

For those of you who are:
Feeling lots of pressure to buy buy buy!
Working crazy hours at work when you just want to be at home.
Breaking up with a significant other.
Getting sick.
Losing your Job.
Losing a loved one.

You are NOT alone. Remember Christmas is not about buying gifts, going broke, putting on a fake happy face, or impressing people. Just surround yourself with people you love, if you are away from your family call them and tell them you love them. Thank God for your life.
If your friends are going through a hard time be there for them, love on them. I know this may sound crazy to some of you but when you feel depressed like you have nothing to give...that is the best time to go out and help someone else. Go volunteer at a shelter, go to an old folks home and just listen to them, go to a foster home and play with the children, help your mom clean the house. Try it.

Giving feels good, really good.

If you would like to download it for your wallpaper check out his blog. His gift to you. So if you didn't get to decorate this year and are trying to get into the Christmas spirit go over to Lonnie's blog, download photo (comes in black and white also) and go listen to some Christmas music.

Merry Christmas week everybody! We Love Y'all.
Why Is Christmas Important to you?