I hope you are all with the people you love tonight. For those of you who aren't make sure you surround yourself with good friends.
I remember the first Christmas away from my family I was living in Colorado, I was working at Toni & Guy and I was a manager at Hollister. None of us retailers could go home for the holidays because of our work schedule so me and my Abercrombie/Hollister Family went to eat sushi (my first sushi experience) on Christmas Eve 2003 and ended the night at my apartment. The next day we planned to go snowboarding on Christmas day. Pretty cool Christmas huh? Yeah, well I didn't end up going snowboarding that morning because I had a bit too much wine so I ended up at my boss's house (Toni & Guy) and continued drinking wine, eating good food, and surrounding myself with good people. Kristin, Rich, Lindsey, and Burman Family I will never forget that Christmas.

Tonight we are all at my Dad's/ Uncle Woob's house (they are brothers) eating tons of food, drinking wine and spiked eggnog, playing domino's, darts, opening presents and listening to all kinds of Christmas tunes. Kelly is with her boyfriend Alan but will return tomorrow. WE MISS YOU KELLY WELLY!

HA HA Amy's face is priceless.



 Man Child Jacob

Middle Sis Kelly
Baby Sis Amy
                                                                        Big Sis Brandi
Not pictured Lil Brother Jeremy....He will be in tomorrow's post with Ryder.

A HUGE THANKS to our friend CLINT SHUTTLESWORTH for taking these FUN photos! These are just some of the photo's he took for us. Us Bueno kids wanted to give my parents a fun present this year and our family is camera happy so I called my buddy Clint and asked him if he could squeeze us in his crazy schedule and he did. WOO HOO! 

To be continued.....