AROUND MY HOME: Kelly's Corner (in progress)

Before you take a look around my creative space, let me explain myself a bit. Following your dreams and moving three times in one year is quite expensive so I now live in the Houston burbs and I may or may not live with my mother (yes, I live at Mama G's). It was a huge adjustment and kicked the  pride right out of my body. At this point, I have little to no, who needs it? That stuff is toxic anyway. I have redone this room about as much as my roommate (mom), and my pockets will allow. This entire room is pieced together with things that I had previous bought while in college and the things that had been given to me throughout my entire life from Brandi, my friends, Brandi's friends, and the rest of the parts of it feel a bit younger than I would like, but as long as I keep it organized it looks alright and I'm happy.

I know Brandi's space is pretty killer, but she does have a few years on me. She also has a house and I have a room. I'll catch up one day.

This is my view 90% of the day. There is a hug tree outside my window and for 10 months of the year it completely makes this set up work. It looks a little dead right now...

I LOVE my thought rail! My brain is in a constant state of "idea clutter" and I use to carry a notebook around and put them in there, but the problem there is out of sight, out of mind. I have shelves of notebooks filled with ideas, but I always forget I have them when they are tuck away. I went to Home Depot one night and got this rail. I already had magnets, fishing line, hooks, and clips so one Christmas Day, I put this sucka up and it is now my best friend. These cards are on there just for the photo, because it's usually cluttered with design/illustration/photography/lettering/bueno bueno ideas. Anytime I take a break from working, I put on a movie or listen to some records and tackle one or two of these projects.
Please excuse the ancient gum under the desk. that stuff is hard as a rock and doesn't want to part with the desk.
My tiny record collection...slowly growing. I figure i'll be in Houston for at least a year so I feel good about nursing this collection. FINALLY.  Above my records is my Dunny collection. I love Dunnies mucho mucho!

A BIG thank you to my neighbors Martha and Joseph for giving me a big box full of their old records. It was mostly Spanish dancing tunes. How perfect is that?

I love my mailbox to the right. Right now it's filled and I have a lot of people to write back!
Do you like snailmail? If so, lets be friends!

Kelly Amber Garcia
PO BOX 66841
Houston TX, 77266

I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but when I get in serious work mode I go into frumpland. Contacts off, glasses on, hair up in a messy bun (without a stand touching my neck or back), and all the jewelry comes off. Out of all my jewelery, these two items never leave my sight. Brandi bought  me the cute plate. She is very aware of my issues.

and on the left side of my desk are my current jobs. Every open job gets a folder and a clipboard. It just makes it easier to take my work with me wherever I go. Clipboards are definitely on my list of all time favorite items. Don't worry, I have a real filing system for all my jobs, once they are closed.

A Pantone mug filled with coffee/tea permanently lives on the left side of my desk. I figure I should start trying to do something with my left hand other than hitting command this, command that.

Yikes! Quickly glance at the shelves to the right, but don't stare too long. I can organize that area over and over, but it never seems to stick. My collection of feathers, mostly from my friend Pearl, live at the top of that big mess inside some big glass jars.

To the left is a closet that use to be covered by fugly sliding mirror doors that always get caught and knocked off the tracks at the bottom. Those had to go immediately. I want to tear out the current shelving system, repaint, and then re do the shelves. I need them to be geared more towards hosting books and other reference materials (like a mini library). When that happens, the curtain will come down and I'll do another post.

Fun Fact: The desk that is hold my recording player was my Pops when he was growing up. He likes to remind me it's still his. We have two at the house...obviously Brandi gets one and then I get the other! Right Pops? haha, I just see you rolling your eyes as you read this.
( Brandi Speaking really quick) I accidently tricked Dad into agreeing to give me one for my Christmas present. 

By the door, I keep my stress relievers. They aren't being used too much right now because I'm a cold weather weenie, but that won't last too long.

not catholic, I just like the candle
I know it's not much to show you, but it's enough for a solid peek. Like Ruben said in our last Feature Friday, our objects tell a story about us what we enjoy. I hope this has helped you to know a little more about me.

Things left to do: (i'll keep you updated)
-closet shelving situation
-get rid of OLD blinds and get something I love.
-toss out the carpet
-move bed (not shown, but it's along the opposite wall) into other room that we are setting up for my nephew- Ryder when he spends the night
-build a standing work station along wall where bed is now

Then, there's the rest of the house to work on...oh lord, give me strength ;)

AND then, I make lots of money (save!) and get my own place!