Brandi's Year In Review + 2011 goals

2010 was a good year for me, i can't complain.
my friendships grew, my bank account shrunk, we traveled a lot, i met a lot of amazing people, got to know family, we became even closer to my g-ma, we got to spend a lot of time with Ryder Bear, friends got married, friends had babies, helped my sister move away, talked her into moving back, i laughed, i cried, i had fits, we moved to a new house and i created. 

Totally excited about 2011

Started 2010  with  SFP in wine country.
Haircuts for HAITI
- Created "I am Young" video for coconut records contest with some of our talented friends. WE WON!

  2 year wedding anniversary. 2 years goes by too fast!

Went to New York to visit childhood friends Rannie from ChrisRann and Pacho from Surface to Air and Kellee from A&F. I am making another trip soooooooon!
Collaborated on Photoshoot with Johnny Rendon

Road trip to California for Coachella with Jacob and Justin.

Ryder turned 2
Spent a month in California and met my close blog friends turned real friends  Kassi, Danielle, and Lauren.VIDEO
day 1

WORKED OUT A LOT!  30 day fitness challenge.
-Roadtrip to Nashville with my sister Kelly.

Our blog turned 1 year!  Spent a lot of time at pool parties and at the lake.
September- had the Flu for 3 weeks! Worst month of my life.

  ACL fest,  2nd POP UP SHOP, Jacob turned 30 on Halloween- His big present was Hawaii trip for November.

Went to Hawaii with some of our best friends and had a blast!

December- Worked a lot.
- guest blogged in FOAM mag my all time favorite magazine.
-Offered Custom Keys for the Holidays
-Went to Austin for another SFP adventure.


In 2011 
 I want to use my time more wisely.
I want to cut down on TV (we gave ours away so this should help).
I want to volunteer.
I want to be a better wife. learn to cook. (he's the cook) 1 recipe per week.
I want to save $10,000
I want to re-decorate the salon.
I want to be organized.
I want to get rid of clutter.
I want to start bootcamp again.
I want to make more blog friends and meet them in person.
I want a blog makeover.
I want to make more effort when picking out my clothes and doing my hair.
I want to travel more.
I want to take better care of myself. It's hard.
I want to take some kind of class.
I want to collaborate with creative minds more.
I want to find a new hobby.
I want to challenge myself more.
I want to go to bed at a decent hour and start my day early....ha not tonight!

Kelly and I have a lot up our sleeves for 2011 and we are excited to share with you!
Can't wait to get to know all of you better this year!