How Aubrey McCoy saved my Camera's life.

Remember the post on the Bleubird blog when James and I played Dress up in her studio? Well it wasn't planned we were just goofing around playing dress up and James decided I would be in her what we wore post. FUN I know! who doesn't love Dress up with your friends?
playing in my studio.

playing in my studio.

playing in my studio.

playing in my studio.

playing in my studio.

creepy owl mask.
This was the day I did something soooooo stupid I give everyone permission to slap me! It starts here.
As we were walking outside I was taking photo's of Aubrey. I always take photo's of photographers because they never get their picture taken, and that's sad to me.  HABIT. Anyway, this was the last photo my little G11 took before Aubrey started shooting us girls.
SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!  "Brandi put the Camera away."
I hung my camera on the neighbors fence post so it wasn't in the shots Aubrey was taking of us ladies.
she makes me giggle.

bleubird & bueno.

After a quick fun photo shoot I had to leave in a hurry to get things done before my trip to Hawaii. I remember carrying a stack of my things, items falling, and me running out the door. (this is normal for me.)

The next day I was looking for an under water case for my G11 I needed to know some small detail about it so I went looking around my house for the camera. Hmmmmmmmm...couldn't find it anywhere!
It wasn't in my purse, not in my jeep, not in my room. This is a very normal for me. I misplace everything because I am always in a hurry. Backtracking always helps. Where was the last place I remember taking a photo?

This is not good because 1. Someone probably stole it. 2. It's been storming almost 24 hours straight so even if it was still hanging there it's RUNINED!

So I called James in a panic and asked if maybe the camera was at her house, in her studio, anywhere other than outside. She tried to calm me down but I was freaking out, I asked if she could check the neighbors fence and call me back. At that second I didn't want to wait for the answer so I drove over myself. I checked the fence, no camera...heart beating so fast...knocked on James door and she answered with a lil sad smirk on her face. I knew it just knew it. I suck!

Then Aubrey walked in the doorway with my camera (soaked)! They didn't want call to tell me it was on the fence without trying to revive it first. So Aubrey busted out the magic hands and took out the batteries and memory card, took a blow dryer to it, and then tried to snap away...heres how it went.

You don't even know how sick I felt in this photo! I had to smoke a cigarette to calm me down. Yes I know they are vedy vedy bad. Don't Judge. Sometimes it's ok.
as you can see in this photo looks like no hope right?
Then we started seeing the light.
still sick with worry.
 This was the day that Aubrey Mccoy saved my Camera's life. AUBREY MCCOY YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
and THANK YOU Mr. Blow dryer and twitter friends for all the suggestions.

Even though it seemed to start taking clear photo's I was still paranoid so I rushed to the gas station bought 2 bags of rice and stuck my camera in a brown paper sack filled with uncooked rice (CLINTS advice). I left it in there at least 2-3 days until I needed it for Hawaii.

Yes boys and girls when you drop your phone or camera in water, wine, or leave in in the rain over 24 hours  DON"T TURN ON THE DEVICE. Stick it in a bag of rice to absorb all the moisture, or BLOW DRY IT like Mr. McCoy!

so everyone if you haven't already go over and click away on Aubrey's Blog. I hope you all have friends like him and the soon to be MRS.

Have any of you ever done something like this? Please tell me I am not the only careless, scatterbrained twit.