Kelly's 2010 + New Goals

Well, let's just say that 2010 was...hmm...interesting?

The year started off with an internship with the Art department at Fossil. I packed up my bags and moved to Terrel, TX east of Dallas and drove 45 miles to work in Richardson and then 45 mile back to Terrell. I miss the folks at Fossil, but dang, I do not miss that drive!

I went to SXSW/Flatstock in Austin, TX for the first time.

Saw what the big fuss was all about in Canton, TX.

jet ski


Water skied for the first time ever and killed it! I also got my second tubing scar. Lesson learned while out on the lake: While wearing a white swimsuit top, it is very important to keep the padding in...water will most likely be cold


Sister Roadtrip to Nashville, TN

fake eyelashes
Fell in love with fake eyelashes

I interned at ST8NT studio

My friend, Pearl, gave me a Ukulele and a few lessons.

While working on a music video, I learned how to drive a four-wheeler. Oh and did I mention that I caught a cow pie with my face?

I was without a computer for about three weeks because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with my mac. Turned out to be the graphics card. It sucked.

I made and stung up hundreds of kites for a music video

One very exciting day
While visiting Houston, I got to spend a VERY important day with Garcia boys. In case you are a new reader, above is my brother, his son Ryder, and my Pops. So cute!

After 8 years, I bought new glasses and they are kind of awesome.

toy piano
Mastered the toy piano and by master I mean completely failed, but it was a lot of fun and my friends gave me an A++. Schmal said I sounded like a little kid tugging on his mama's skirt. oh well, I tried. I also met an amazing dutch fella, Martin. He's the one holding the harmonica.

learning chess
I learned the rules of chess...check out the amount of concentration going on in my lips

On the road
Moved from Nashville to Houston (without Alan)

Twin Kegs
landed in a video
While visiting Nashville with my cousin Taylor, we stopped in Twin Kegs and accidentally landed in some sort of video project. Oh lordy..."hard luck girl."We quickly finished our 2$ beers and continued on our way to 78 other bars.

Ryder time
Tricked my nephew into loving me!

Got to spend a week with Schmal's family in Gatesville including Christmas Eve!

Started Freelancing, developing Bueno Bueno and am able to work on fun collaborative projects full time

11 (small) GOALS FOR 2011

Last year I was so worked up over getting a "great job" that I put other things on hold. I will be handling work very different from here on out.

2. send out birthday and thank you cards

3. learn Spanish
I failed in 2010, but I really do want to try. 

4. clean out my car and keep it clean
Right now it looks like a storage unit from all our Bueno Bueno projects. 

5. visit my friends in NY

6. practice my ukulele skills
If you don't use them, you lose them. Actually, I still suck at moving my fingers around, but I'll get there one day

7.  Travel and take on adventure...go to SXSW/Flatstock again

8. make time to read books

9. be nicer to my body
I started out last year being very good about what food/beverages I was putting in my body then I got lazy. Here I go again.

10. Fix my face
Ginny Lee, I'm heading your direction!

11. spend time outdoors

creative goals coming soon....