Meet Maria, one of our sponsor's and the girl behind Little Tree Vintage....

10 Random facts about this lady

- My favorite foods (not in order) are pickles, olives and cole slaw! 

- I absolutely hate waiting, and I am really terrible at it..I usually fidget and act awkward.

- I can't really wear heels, but I try..I can't really walk in them, and I know I should practice, but they HURT and I'd rather be in flats.

- I just opened my online vintage shop the beginning of this month and I am so happy and thrilled to share all of the goodies with you!

- My nickname growing up (and now) is Mars..I don't know why, but everyone calls me it and it's kinda fun.

- I have a serious obsession with locks & keys.

- I am only 4'11 but I act like I'm gigantic!

- My favorite colors are maroon and black.

- In my spare time I like to make jewelry, sew and thrift for treasures :)

My favorite people are my 3 little teeny nephews and my boyfriend Alex. They make my sad days, happy ones!