Pilates on Crack with Emily McCoin.




This is Emily. (Above) Flexible Thing ain't she? The class is called Will Power & Grace.
The address is  5757 Woodway Houston, Texas 77057




My friend Emily teaches Pilates and has been asking us to try her class for a year now....I have always wanted to but I always let work come before evening classes. I know this is a common issue with a lot of people, and it needs to stop. 

I was super excited that my cousin/friend Ginny was going to try it out with me. friends + working out = awesomeness! About 30 minutes before the class Ginny called and said she had been drinking champagne and she was a little buzzed, I told her not to worry because Pilates was easy and it was just stretching.
UMMMMM...I was wrong this class was tough. I looked at Ginny during our workout and said that I was sorry and this wasn't the same Windsor type pilates I had previously experienced. This was Pilates on crack! We were kind of dying in a good way! I didn't realize how stiff I had become. Ugh.

When the class ended my body felt amazing. I was stretched, I felt clear headed, and I really loved Emily's energy and spunk throughout the entire class. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots after the group left. Some people are shy about being photographed. Especially when they are all hot and sweaty.

Contact Emily McCoin about classes via twitter. If you are in the Houston area you need to check out her classes!

Another workout Kelly, Jacob and I are going to get back on is Mari Method. You can do this from home. We will be starting the program from the beginning when Jacob gets back from his snowboarding trip. We will post photos and everything. Oh Lordy.

Do you take any breaks from your job throughout the day to do something physical for your body?
What is your favorite way to get in shape? Running, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates...
Are you getting toned in 2011?