Around My Home: Rannie Balias

Who: Rannie Balias–Creative Director of JPG Magazine; Designer of ChrisRann Jewelry.
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Apartment: 1 bedroom, railroad style apartment (750 sq ft)
Favorite Room: Living Room
Decor Style: Cozy and Eclectic


01- Welcome to my living room, and where I spend 90% of my waking hours. I work from home, so I spend a good 15 hours a day in this room (with little breaks here and there, of course). I chose this room to work in, because it stays the coolest during the summer months, and has the a/c window unit positioned to blast directly at my desk. I keep all of my inspiration material in here too, so when my eyes need a rest from the computer, I can grab a book or magazine off the shelf and sit on the couch for a little bit.


02- I don't like TV stands and kept my eyes open for any alternative to the traditional options. My TV sat on a moving box for a good 2 months before I found this mid-century piece on Craigslist. I paid $80 bucks for it and put one of my mom's old tapestries on top to protect it from the TV's weight. The front has 2 glass sliding panels.


03- I bought this huge industrial white shelf from a vintage furniture showroom in Williamsburg called Two Jakes (320 Wythe Ave). They acquired a large set of them from a museum's past exhibit displays. Score :)


04- I acquired the couch, chair, side table, and coffee table from my friend, David Black. I subleased Dave's apartment for my first 7 months in New York. He ended up relocating to Los Angeles and getting rid of most of his stuff. I love the denim look of the couches (IKEA), and plan on getting another set of covers for them at some point, since Franki the Pug has ripped into both corners of the cushions. Oopsy.
The Lamp in the corner is a CB2 tripod lamp, which I bought while living in San Francisco, from my good friends Ryan and Erica.
The mirror above the chair is from the Meeker Flea Market in Williamsburg. It's my favorite :)


05- I have a lot of artwork that I've acquired from loved ones over the years. Since I've only lived in a studio before now, all of my pieces are on the smaller side. I'd love if i had a huge painting to hang above my couch, but I don't yet, so I got these 2 IKEA shelves off of Craigslist, and grouped a bunch of the pieces mantle style. It works for now :)


06- This is an old photo taken by David Black, of my friend Melissa, holding up a pair of Hall & Oates panties she made for my birthday one year. I have no idea what happened to the panties, but having this photo is so much better.


07- I've moved back and forth between Texas and California SIX times, and now to New York, making my out-of-state move total SEVEN. I've been collecting magazines and books over the years, and these babies make the move with me every single time. No fun, but totally worth it.


08- same as 07.


09- Lots and lots of JPG Magazines. I bought the green set of GEO mags from a thrift store in Minneapolis. A small portion of my Nylon Magazine collection.


10- The beginning of my plant collection! More to come.


11- Side table holds my laptop and some ChrisRann bracelets. The tapestry is my mom's.


12- More books! I bought the IKEA Billy bookcase off of Craigslist. The Magnus organ on the floor has been with me for many years now, and is waiting for a trip to the repair shop.


13- Books and stuff. Diana camera.


14- More books and magazines.


15- Necklace hook.


16- Old photos of my mom.


17- Detail of TV stand shelf. Old photo of me and my dad, and Polaroid of me and my friend, Maria. Little tchotchkes collected over the years.


18- More sentimental tchotchkes.


19- My evil eye hangs above the chair in the center of the room, and protects me and my home from evil and envy. Get one!


20- Where I sit all day. The desk is an old post office desk. I bought it from Two Jakes, the same place I got the industrial shelf. It was the perfect size to fit in the corner of the room. The chair is a 40/4 chair designed by David Rowland. I found it at the Meeker Flea Market for 30 bucks. The target above my desk reminds me to keep my EYES ON THE PRIZE.


21- I had a huge mess of cords under my desk for way too long. I searched so many blogs looking for cord management solutions, and finally, one day was inspired by this post on Door Sixteen. Even though I didn't really use her technique, I was inspired enough to tackle the project that day. I realized that the under side of the desk had all these spaces and holes, so I just shoved it all under there, and tied it up. Voila! Thanks industrial desk!


22- Pens and pencils, and the JPG logo pantone.


23- Some more artwork that hangs next to my desk. The portrait of me was done my most favorite, BRANDI...(you should see the one I did of her!). To the right of that is a piece by my favorite artist, Richard Colman. Above that is a diptych of my friend Maria, painted by my other bestest, Keli Reule.

 Hope you enjoyed your tour! remember last year we featured her super awesome bedroom