Everyone Can Use a Beauty Day

Do you know who this is? Does she look familiar? Take a guess. Who does she look like?
every girls heaven...
We are kind of obsessed with new colors.
OPI on Brandi's toes- Katy Perry's Teenage Dream with Shatter. watch video below on how this works:)


Sometimes, you just need a day to take care of yourself. Here are some of the things we like to do
- painting nails
- new hair do or maybe just bangs
- go to salon for a wash and blowout. (this is the new mani-pedi)
- getting new make-up brushes
- a little wine never did any harm
- a trip to the gym or a little marimethod
- bubble bath
- getting a facial from Ginny Lee or massage from Marissa
- longboarding around town
- listen to records and do absolutely nothing
- pluck your eyebrows
- shave your legs

How to get Shattered...