We had the pleasure of staying with family in November 2010 for our Hawaii Vacation (Jacob turned 30). I had no idea it was this amazing! The whole time I was admiring the creativity all through the house. It was so warm and cozy too. I really did not want to leave.

This month I am showing off some really awesome rooms from some really creative and inspiring friends...

Kim Says:

I LOVE our bedroom! The colors of the warm buttery yellow & cool muted blue on the walls & the light sky blue on the ceiling give me the most serene feeling every time I am there.

I had collected these pictures of "the ship" a long time ago & they seemed a perfect fit in the bedroom with our ocean view. The colors of the walls are so right. Carol Riggs thought we found the paint based on the colors in the picture but it just happened to be synchronistic.

I wanted our bedroom to be a haven so I try to keep it more simple in there than the rest of the house (you know what I mean). I had thrifted this old print of a flower that looked so sweet & had picked up this mangled piece of metal wire I saw a flower in & so framed it. I thought they looked good together.

Then I found all these angels that reminded me of when I was growing up & ceramics was in. Who couldn't use some angels watching over them... I thought. So I decided they needed to go in the bedroom. I spray painted them all the same color & figured out an arrangement for them to go on the wall. Our wind whips through the house & slams doors (if we forget to tie them back) & knocks them off & breaks them. They need a new solution & a do-over but they still make me happy.

I had an old piece of architecture I found on the ground in Chicago & thought it was shaped like a heart i so it went in the bedroom too.

Richey & I have always appreciated our ocean views but for the bedroom, we really wanted to be able to lie in bed & gaze at the splendor of it all. Once upon a time I went to Texas to visit and when I came home, he had created a masterpiece. A "fabulous giant" of recycled lumber, metal roofing & paint was this amazing solution to our lying bed whilst appreciating the grand water. Every morning I get to awaken, open my eyes & just take in what God created for our pleasure.

Every evening when I get in our grand bed, I thank God for being able to have such a warm & comfy space in which to regenerate my soul & bones. I feel very blessed to get to hear the whales this time of year and the owls screech at night & the birds that sing us awake (holler at us to get up) each day.

Thanks Brandi for this opportunity to say out loud why I feel so blessed. Made me appreciate it even more.
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