So everyone in Houston freaked out about the cold. Yes it was cold. The cold hurts, no one wants to go outside when it's cold...especially if there is no snow! I texted my friend Michael in Colorado that we were having a snow day and he laughed bc we had no snow and it was way more cold there. I miss Colorado a lot. I miss the snow, but I don't miss the cold. Does that make any sense?
Anyway.... on our "snow day" we drank mimosas, cooked, played games and watched movies. My Dad didn't want us on the road at all and we agreed.
We owe a huge thanks to our friends Christina and Wes for letting us crash at their place for over a week now. Our plumbing is being replaced because we had roots growing in the pipes. AHHHHHHHHH! We have had such a good time over there cooking and drinking yummy cocktails it feels like vacation everyday. Cold days bring friends together!








Plaid Shirt Abercrobie & Fitch. Scarf from U.O. Bueno Bueno Necklace. Thorn ring by Lola & George. Boyfriend Jeans Hollister. Belt by Abercrombie & Fitch.  Boots Seychelles.

Jacob wanted me to take pictures near the icicle tree across the street where the pipe burst but I was 2 days late. It doesn't look as dreamy as it did the first day. My bad.

this is just a funny video about what we houstonians are going's hillarious!