OMG I HEART: Bayou City Art Festival

Dolan Geiman
Ali Marie and Dolan Geiman

Friday, I stopped by the Bayou City Art Festival at Memorial Park with my friend Yvette before heading out of town. It was a beautiful day, but DANG it was a bit warm.

The Long Story: I have talked about Dolan Geiman's work on mmbb before, but for our new friends, I will recap my love for this duo quickly. I have been following this amazing duo around for a little over a year now. It all started on my first day or working for Fossil (art dept). I walked in and my supervisor handing me a list of artist to research for a presentation. From that list, Fossil would pick and choose a few artist to collaborate. I was instantly in love with the work of Dolan and his story. Dolan ended up being selected for Fossil's 'Fall Artist Collaboration' and constructed BEAUTIFUL window displays for three of the Fossil store (along with a few other projects). Fast-forward a few more months and it's my last day at Fossil. I was looking forward to this day for quite sometime because Dolan was coming to meet the creative team at Fossil and speak about his work, inspiration, and share funny stories about growing up. I began keeping up with Dolan and Ali (his beautiful business + life partner) and I have continued to find them to be such an inspiration! You will have to follow their tweets/blog to know why... 

Anyway, I was so stoked that I finally had the chance to meet the creative power duo Ali Marie and Dolan Geiman on Friday! They were so wonderful. If you read mmbb a lot, you probably know I'm a huge fan of solid hearts and this team definitely has that. Solid hearts + awesome art + brilliance + good looking + stylish = my head exploding.  I snapped a few images while nerding out. Dolan creates a variety of work, but my favorite are his 'constructions' created out of found items.
one of many constructions
I would love to have a Dolan Geiman headboard for my bed. How rad would that be?
nice choice of material...

Keys and a number plate!


He also creates these painted/screened panels.
Dolan Geiman

Luckily, I got to snag one! Since Brandi couldn't go with me because of her crazy work schedule, I told her I'll hang it up in our bueno studio, so we can both enjoy it. I'll share more pictures once it's nested on our wall.

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