Mission number 9: CHANGING MY MOP.

So this is what my hair has looked like for awhile...I was getting restless because I haven't changed it up in quite sometime. One of my 30 challenges before 30 was to change my mop! I thought about bangs but then i thought about the houston heat and bangs would just be a sweaty mess... so no thank you. Then I thought about cutting it...but lets be real here, my hair is my security blanket, plus I think I have tried every look and this is my favorite length...well a little longer. Anyway, on friday I had the urge to go blonder in the front, my mom was booked up so we headed over to the sunchild and I put some random foils in myself.
side note: I don't go to the root when doing my hair.
not a drastic change but it's different. this is friday night right after my hair was washed and air dried.
Kelly liked it, I wasn't sure about it....the next day when I actually saw it in natural light it was a bit to "orangey" for my taste. So this time I had my mom go over the blonde again and it brightened it up more.
This is today, this morning right when I woke up...with my mop change. Side part and blonder in the front. I am going to tone it today since I didn't have more time this weekend...maybe make it a light light brown/darker blonde so that it fades gradually as the sun falls on my head. Only 3 people said something about my hair in a positive way this weekend and the rest said nothing. Well, thats a lie, my cousin Darin  hates it. He was like " Your hair was perfect before you did that. Why did you do that?"
more photos to come...

What do you think about this change? Did you like it before or after?  Do you like changing up your look?
Photo one was taken by Lonnie Webb.