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THEY'RE HEEEERRRRRE.....yep yep. Finnegan cd came in 2 weekends ago and we are all so excited! If you live in the Houston area, and can't wait to have your very own copy they are now available at Cactus Music and at Sunchild Salon. 
They are also playing at Mango's tomorrow night!!! follow them on twitter for upcoming shows. @iheartfinnegan

Thanks to the Finnegan crew, I have three copies of 'What Happened To Jacqueline' to share with three lucky mmbb readers. If you like what you hear, or know someone who will love Finnegan's new tunes, all you need to do is (in the comment section)

1. leave us your email address (so we can contact you if you win)
2. tell us the name of your current favorite band
3. like them on facebook if you have  facebook.

that's it! I hope you win.
everytime you see finnegan there is a different link so be sure to check out the band. SO WORTH IT.