OMG I HEART: The IOU Project

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I recently heard about this awesome clothing project from the creative director, Kavita, and she gave me a quick run down of the foundation and the goal of the IOU Project. We will have an interview once the web store launches to learn more, but here's what we know so far...

The IOU Project is a study in the creation of a Prosperity chain; an experiment to rethink how goods are produced and sold in a way that benefits everyone.

empowering the Artisan
celebrating Uniqueness
the  right to Transparency
Believe in the power of Technology to make these happen.

MISSION: to design and produce a line of totally unique clothing that would be cool and casual, but no matter how many people bought an item, no two would ever be the same...

Since each piece of clothing is unique, it has its own QR code that takes you to the entire story of the product, the video/pictures of the artisan who made the fabric in India and the artisans who made the garment in Europe.

The IOU web store is planned to launch during the first half of May

Also, keep up with the project's growth via

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