Justin's Birthday
This Guy turned the big 3-0 on Sunday and what else is better than celebrating it on the beach with friends?! I couldn't think of a more perfect day.
Nat and Justin
Two days earlier his little lady had a birthday! Double Trouble! I love these two!
Justin and Dan
California Dan even came out for the fun! Just wish Kassi and the kids were here already!
 I'm glad someone gave some love to my board, I have not used in in a million years.
Ginny and Darin
Darin sprayed sunblock on Ginny in a "Z" motion but she ran off before he got to rub it I don't think she will ever skip the rubbing in part again. Ginny ended up with a huge white "Z" on her back. The rest of her was bright red!

jesus dominoes.

playing dominoes.

Jacob and me
I was trying to be good by keeping the sun off my face.
drink in hand.



God Bless America!
Gavin and Justin
Little Gavin had everyone wrapped around his finger. Such a happy sweet boy. He really liked those surfboards. Maybe Uncle Justin will teach him one day.

Living in Texas we pretty much spend the summer at the beach, lake, river or at a pool.
What about you? What do you like to do when you go to the beach?