some things never change.

We didn't grow up like most families where you only see cousins once a year at family reunions. My family got together every weekend and during the week we were always spending the night at eachothers houses. It was me and 3 boys for a long time until Kelly came 6.5 years later... then a whole new group of cousins were born.
This is me and Taylor at the beach. he would always say things like.. Hey your purty....PURTY UGLY!" and I still remember that to this day. He was so mean but we were best friends. Check out the glass Gatorade bottle! I think Taylor and I need to redo this photo! Taylor still always has that serious face and I still have those giant cheeks!
 This one cracks me up! I look like such a little priss. Taylor is just in his own world, and little Darin what a cutie!!! Told you we Texans live at the beach and in the water so we don't melt!
 I want these white chairs! I wonder what happened to them?
This is us now! Well Taylor and I in Hawaii with the group. Taylor is the one with the hat at the end.